About me

Hello you, person who’s visiting my website. Let me introduce myself, I’m Fabrice Roisné-Hamelin, french game design student. Welcome on le coin de l’écureuil, the place where I post my diverse creations. You will find a little bit of everything here, videos, graphic creations, but mostly games. In short, stuff to occupy some hours of your life. If you like my universe, have fun and explore without restraint the hidden corners of my den.

If you are fluent in french, don’t hesitate to switch the website language in french. It is my native tongue so naturally, you will find more content.

You can subscribe to the newsletter, follow me on facebook, twitter and youtube. I always repond to messages and commentaries, I will enjoy reading your feedbacks. And if you are in a kind mood, you can also support me finacially with the donation page.

Le coin de l'écureuil